Cyber Security


Cyber Security is an important element of bulk power system reliability that the electric power industry takes very seriously.

The electric utility industry is unique among critical infrastructure sectors in having a mandatory and enforceable reliability and cyber security standards regime. Under the existing regime, the electric power industry works closely with various government agencies on bulk power system security. Additionally, LPPC members actively implement cyber security measures in their utilities, and help develop reliability standards with the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC).

The NERC process to develop cyber security standards works, and should be maintained as other federal cyber security strategies evolve. Mitigation of cyber security threats to the electric sector is most effectively accomplished by federal authorities providing utilities with timely, actionable information.

To the extent Congress determines it is necessary, we support granting a single federal agency, with appropriate technical expertise, such as the US Department of Energy, limited, emergency power to address imminent cyber security threats to the electric sector.

Legislative approaches to mitigate cyber security risks should respond to the interconnected nature of threats to the nation’s digital infrastructure rather than singling out particular industries for piecemeal cyber regulation.