Large Public Power Council Chairman Bill Gaines Says Cyber Security Framework is a Positive Step in Ensuring Security of Electric Grid, February 12, 2014

February 12, 2014
Contact: Lawrence Pacheco
(202) 346-8855

Washington, D.C. — The Large Public Power Council (LPPC) released the following statement today from Chairman Bill Gaines regarding the Cyber Security Framework issued by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) under President Obama’s Executive Order, “Improving Critical Infrastructure Cyber Security”.

“LPPC members regard system reliability and security as a first priority. The NIST Cyber Security Framework released today by the administration is a positive step in ensuring the security of the electric grid from cyber threats. The process in advance of issuance of the Framework was open and inclusive, and LPPC members were glad to have been active participants.

“While we have not yet had a chance to fully review the final version of the Framework, we believe that it will serve as a very useful tool in enabling organizations to manage cyber security risks, while being sufficiently flexible to allow our members to tailor programs to their individual circumstances. We appreciate the fact that the program is voluntary, flexible and scalable, particularly in view of the detailed existing mandatory standards applicable to the electric sector promulgated by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), which should be maintained as other federal cyber security strategies evolve.

“LPPC plans to work with the Department of Energy as it assists the electric sector with implementation of the Framework, and we look forward to our continued partnership with federal agencies to ensure the safety of the nation’s electric grid.”


LPPC represents 26 of the largest locally owned and operated not-for-profit electric systems in the United States. Our member utilities are located in 12 states and Puerto Rico and own and operate more than 86,000 megawatts of generation capacity and more than 35,000 circuit miles of high voltage transmission lines. LPPC member utilities supply electricity to some of the largest cities in the country including Los Angeles, Seattle, Omaha, Phoenix, Sacramento, Jacksonville, San Antonio, Orlando and Austin.