Large Public Power Council Announces New Chairman, Bill Gaines, CEO of Tacoma Public Utilities, February 19, 2014

February 19, 2014
Contact: Lawrence Pacheco
(202) 346-8855

Washington, D.C. — The Large Public Power Council (LPPC) Board of Directors has selected Bill Gaines, Director and CEO of Tacoma Public Utilities (TPU) in Washington state, as its next Chairman. Gaines will serve a two-year term as Chairman, and Mark Bonsall, General Manager and CEO of Salt River Project (SRP) in Arizona, will serve as Vice Chair.

Gaines brings the experience of his seven years as TPU Director and CEO and more than 30 years in the electric utility industry, including senior management roles at Seattle City Light and Puget Sound Energy, Inc. He is a seasoned executive who has a broad familiarity with the institutional, economic and regulatory relationships in the Pacific Northwest energy industry, as well as the national landscape. Gaines has already helped shape LPPC’s policy positions through his leadership as its vice chair, as a member of its Steering Committee, and as CEO sponsor of the organization’s Energy Regulation Task Force.

Gaines said he is honored to have the confidence and support of his peers as he takes the helm of LPPC at a time of transformational change in the electric utility industry, and said he will work with the organization to continue to seek customer-focused policies for those around the country who are served by public power.

“The large public power utilities that we represent are critical stakeholders in the national energy policy debate. Customers want more than affordable, reliable power; they also want flexibility, choice and service from their electricity providers,” said Gaines. “I look forward to working with my colleagues at LPPC as we continue to advocate for policies that will ensure value for the customers we serve.”

Like Gaines, Bonsall also brings a depth of experience to his role as Vice Chair. Bonsall became General Manager and CEO at SRP in 2011. Since joining the company in 1977, Bonsall has served in a variety of positions including Treasurer and Chief Financial Executive. He also serves on the LPPC Steering Committee.

“Large public power systems are an important part of the electric utility industry in the United States,” said Bonsall.  “As locally owned, not-for-profit utilities, we are committed to the customers and communities we serve.  I look forward to working with Bill Gaines and all of my colleagues at LPPC to advocate for policies that will allow us to continue to provide affordable and reliable power to our customers.”


LPPC represents 26 of the largest locally owned and operated not-for-profit electric systems in the United States. Our member utilities are located in 12 states and Puerto Rico and own and operate more than 86,000 megawatts of generation capacity and more than 35,000 circuit miles of high voltage transmission lines. LPPC member utilities supply electricity to some of the largest cities in the country including Los Angeles, Seattle, Omaha, Phoenix, Sacramento, Jacksonville, San Antonio, Orlando and Austin.